Our Products


MRHM has the pleasure of introducing i-Glow gel- Anti Pigmentation gel.

  •  With 8 natural skin lightening ingredients.
  • Anti aging, skin rejuvenating and non irritating formulation.
  • Safe for long term use – All natural ingredients.
  • Day & Night time cream – Can be applied anytime of the day / night.
  • Contains natural Anti-oxidants for skin protection.


     Multi vitamin Health supplement tablets for

  •      For enhanced metabolism.
  •      For controlling blood sugar levels.
  •      For glossy hair skin and nails.

Organic, Gentle & Safe Skin Nourishing Baby Soap.

  • Zero irritancy.
  • Grade 1 (TFM 78% minimum).
  • Mild Cleansing.

With Almond oil and Turmeric oil, Shea Butter, Milk protein and Wheat protein.

MRHM offers premium facial moisturizer i-Moist (Moisturizing lotion) with Allantoin.

  • Matte finish for a natural radiant look.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin - Safe for infants, children and geriatrics.
  • Convenient dispenser for optimum use.

With power of

  • Papaya for skin lightening.
  • Kojic acid and Aloe Vera.
  • Natural, Daily use skin lightening cream with added sun protection factor 16 for day time use.